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Anne Ring Petersen, Associate Professor
Department of Arts and Cultural Studies
Karen Blixens Vej 1
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Mail: annering @
Phone +45 3532 8202

Research areas: Visual arts and culture after 1960, the impact of globalization and migration on art, culture and cultural institutions in Europe, cross-cultural issues in the arts, the interrelations of contemporary art and digital media.

I am coordinator of the Network for Migration and Culture (description below), the activities of which are relevant to the CEMES purpose in that they contribute to the exploration of how transcultural processes related to migration and globalization affect and become an integral part of the European imaginary and the cultural narratives for European identities in film, literature, visual arts, everyday culture etc.

Selected publications
1. Anne Ring Petersen (in print): ”Identity Politics in ’The Global Art World’ ” In: Peter Madsen (ed.) Challenging Identities: Individual – Collective – Politics.
2. Anne Ring Petersen with Mikkel Bogh, Hans Dam Christensen and Peter Nørgaard Larsen (eds., 2010): Contemporary Painting in Context. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanums Forlag.
3. Anne Ring Petersen (2009): Die unsichtbaren ethnischen Grenzen" In:  Jens Haaning. Nichts Neues, Nothing New, Rien de nouveau, Wien: Vereinigung bildender KünstlerInnen Wiener Secession: 118-132 (text in Danish, German, English and French).
4. Anne Ring Petersen (2007): ”The Work of Art in the Age of Commercial Funscapes” In: Gitte Marling and Martin Zerlang (eds.) Fun City.  Copenhagen: Architectural Press: 235-58.
5. Anne Ring Petersen (2002): Storbyens billeder - fra industrialisme til informationsalder. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanums Forlag.

Network for Migration and Culture (Netværk for kulturvidenskabelige migrationsstudier)
The overall ambition of the network is to bring together and develop current studies in the interrelations of migration, culture and aesthetics in linguistically and culturally complex societies of the 20th and 21st centuries such as the European societies. The network is interdisciplinary and involves migration studies, cultural studies, studies in the fine arts as well as popular culture, film and media studies, cultural and cross-cultural theory, aesthetics and philosophy. As Danish research activities relating to migration and culture are scattered, the network should facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between researchers at different universities in Denmark and abroad. Since its initiation in the spring of 2010 the network has attracted participants from various departments at KU, SDU, RUC, AU and AAU. It is funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research (Forskningsrådet for Kultur og Kommunikation) in a period of two years from August 2011 to July 2013. The activities of the network are intended to provide a forum that cuts across disciplinary borders where scholars can meet to discuss cross-cultural issues and explore the methodological connections and differences, their analytical consequences and the possibilities of exchange. Thus, Network for Migration and Culture works towards strengthening the cross-cultural and global perspective on Europe.

The network holds regular seminars, in which members present current research projects and discuss issues of general interest, and it plans a string of international seminars and conferences to be held in 2012-2013. We welcome researchers from all disciplines of the humanities as well as social sciences working with the interrelations of migration, culture and aesthetics, including questions of identity and recognition as well as institutions, media and publics. Information on the network and upcoming events is available at the network’s website: For more information, including membership, please contact the network secretary, Frauke Wiegand, e-mail: