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Mogens Pelt is Associate Professor in International History at Saxo Institute, History Section at the University of Copenhagen (Njalsgade 80, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark tel +45 3532 8295, email:

He has been a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University, Deputy-director at the Danish Institute at Athens and he is currently attached to the Commission to Investigate the Danish Security Intelligence Service and is a member of the working-group of the Volkswagen Foundation funded international net-work Captive States, Divided Societies, Political Institutions of Southeastern Europe in Historical Comparative Perspective since 2005.

He has recently been awared a Stanley J. Seeger fellowship (2008-9) at the Program in Hellenic Studies at Princeton University to commence his project In the service of the Sultan and the Greek State:The Transformation of the Eastern Mediterranean from Multiethnic Empire to Nation States reflected through the life of Bodosakis-Athanasiadis

The purpose of the project is to investigate the process of transformation of the subjects of the Ottoman Empire into citizens of a nation state. The project will in particular, examine the impact that this change had on an individual level, and, it intend to do so by focusing on the life and career of the Ottoman Greek, and later Greek citizen, Prodromos Bodosakis-Athanasiadis. In this way it should be possible to locate and point out experiences from his personal life which are either representative of the experience of the Ottoman Greeks as a whole, or constitute exceptions. The project also intend to investigate the extend to which personal and professional experiences as well as networks stemming from Ottoman times continued to be functional beyond the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and in the settings of nation states. Hereby it should be possible to establish new understandings of the local and regional history of the countries in that area, something which, in turn, will make us comprehend better the relations between the Ottoman and post-Ottoman world.

Mogens Pelt holds the following academic Degrees: Dr.phil. (Copenhagen) since 2003, Ph.D. (Copenhagen) since 1993, Cand.mag. et art. (Copenhagen) in History, Latin and Modern Greek since 1988. Mogens Pelt has held the following appointments: 2006- Associate Professor at Saxo Institute, History Section, University of Copenhagen, 1996-2005 Assistant Professor at the Institute of History, University of Copenhagen, 1999 Visiting researcher at Department of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University,1993-1996 Senior Fellow and Deputy Director at the Danish Institute in Athens, 1990-1992 Research Fellow at the Institute of Contemporary History, University of Copenhagen, 1989-1990 Research Fellow at the Centre of Middle Eastern Studies, University of Odense.

He has published the following books:

Tying Greece to the West: American, West-German, Greek Relations, 1945-1974 (454) Museum Tusculanum, Copenhagen 2006

Los negocios de la Guerra: Armas Nazis para la república española, Barcelona 2005 (260), with Morten Heiberg

Tobacco, Arms and Politics, Greece and Germany from World Crisis to World War, 1929-41, Copenhagen 1998 (342)

and he is currently working on completing the following book:

Military, Politics and Identity in Turkey, 1945-1980 (approx. 350)

Among this recent publications are the following:

 “Germany and the Greek Armaments Industry: Policy Goals and Business Opportunities” pp.141-156, in Joachim Lund (ed.) Working for the New Order: European Business under German Domination, 1939-1945, (University Press of Southern Denmark and Copenhagen Business School Press), Copenhagen 2006.

‘To ellino-germaniko emborio kapnou: Sinechia ke asinechia kata to Mesopolemo ke tin periodo meta to polemo’,in Hagen Fleicher (ed.) I Ellada ’36-49’ Apo ti Diktatoria ston Emphilio, tomes ke sinechies, Athen 2003 (29)

The Colonels’ coup of 21 April and the Regime Issue in Greece, 1944-1967, Scandinavian Journal of Modern Greek Studies, Vol 2, 2003 (25)

The Establishment and Development of the Metaxas Dictatorship in the context of Fascism and

Nazism, 1936-41, in Gert Sørensen and Robert Mallet, International Fascism 1919-45, London 2002 (30)

Among his manuscripts in edition are the following:

1) Military and Politics in Relation to Nation-Building and National Security in south-eastern Europe (21)

2) Adnan Menderes, Islam and his Conflict with the One-party Era Establishment [in Turkey] (33)

3) Karamanlis and West Germany’s Role in the Process of Greece’s Association with the EEC (22)

4) New Perspectives on the Spanish Civil War (co-editor with Morten Heiberg)

In addition he has published the following pieces in Danish

”Det orientalske Problem” pp. 346-360 in Benedicte Fonnesbech-Wulf og Palle Roslyng-Jensen (eds), Historiens Lange Linjer, Gyldendal, Copenhagen 2006

Vi er alle sammen grækere: Den europæiske filhellenisme fra passion og politik til pædagogisk projekt, in København-Athen tur/retur: Danmark og Grækenland i 1800-tallet, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen 2000

Oldtidens Hellas som eksperimentarium og model for det moderne, pp.25-38, in Det lykkelige Arkadien: Grækenland og Europa i 1700-tallet, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen 1999