CEMES-EURECO symposium: Cosmopolitanism contested

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 On the 3rd May 2012 EURECO and CEMES (Centre for European Studies) are hosting the symposium:
"Cosmopolitanism Contested – Conversations with Seyla Benhabib".

This symposium seeks responses from critical social theory on cosmopolitanism in light of the current challenges to European democracy. Leading North American and European scholars will here enter a debate with Seyla Benhabib on her presentation ”Towards a Critical Social Theory of Cosmopolitanism”, and on the future prospects of cosmopolitanism in Europe and the world. The speeches are followed by a debate with the audience.

Moderators: EURECO professors Ben Rosamond (Centre for European Politics) and Hans-Jörg Trenz (Centre for Modern European Studies)
Participants: Seyla Benhabib (Yale University) Richard Wolin (NY University and CEMES Honorary Professor at KU) John Erik Fossum (ARENA, University of Oslo) Adrian Favell (Science Po, Paris and University of Aarhus) Gerard Delanty (University of Sussex) Programme: Towards a Critical Social Theory of Cosmopolitanism (Benhabib, Wolin) Contemporary challenges to cosmopolitanism in Europe (Delanty, Favell, Fossum)
The symposium is part of the PhD course ‘Cosmopolitanism in Europe: Idea and Reality’. It is open to the general public.

Date: May 3, 2012, Time: 1400-1600 Location: The Ceremonial Hall, University of Copenhagen, Frue Plads 4, 1168 København. There will be a reception after the event

For more information on the symposium and for registration, please visit EURECO’s webpage here.