Cultural Memory and European Diversity

Cultural Memory and European Diversity. The uses of History and the Narratives of Religion in the construction of national identities.

Professor Amila Buturovic, York University, Toronto: Ancestreal Voices Speak: Modern Poetics and the Politics of Medieval Bosnian Cemeteries. - Respondent Professor Peter Madsen, Copenhagen University.

Associate Professor Max Liljefors, Lund University: Fleshy Citizenship. Religio-Political Immanence in the work of Tehching Hsieh, in the light of Agamben.

PhD. Bergur R. Moberg, Copenhagen University: The Faroe Islands as a Modern Periphery. The Road to Modernity in the works of William Heinesen and Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen

The Many Roads to Modernity

Institute of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies 

Place: Artillerivej 86, room 0.26 

Time: 1,15pm -5pm