Culture, Identity and Recognition


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In recent years, interest in the notion of recognition has been growing in the social sciences and in philosophy, and increasingly this interest can also be found in cultural studies. Concurrently, the question of recognition has shifted its focus. For some time the theoretical discussions were mainly bound to the question of recognition of the collective identities of social or ethnic groups.

However, since the 1990s discussions have centered more and more on the question of how social relations and human interactions contribute to the construction of the individual's identity.  Which role do cultural dimensions play in the struggle for recognition, and is it possible to identify universal, formal dimensions of this struggle, which might function as the foundation for a progressive, inclusive European identity? Can articulations of migratory experience in the cultural field help to shed light on the possibilities of developing a progressive European conception of identity?

The seminar will address these questions from a range of different perspectives -  including the social sciences, literary studies and cultural studies.

Free admission.

Registration:  no later than 28th September 2011 by sending an email to Anne Ring Petersen: