Europeanization, Welfare and Democracy

International Conference


The conference is arranged by Centre for Modern European Studies (CEMES, in collaboration with EWED, theme pack 11 on Welfare and Democracy.

April 15-17, 2009, University of Copenhagen, Southern Campus

Venue: 27.0.17




The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers from the humanities, from social science, and from law to discuss and explore the political, social, legal and cultural dimensions of Europeanization and the European model of welfare states in the light of transnational and global developments. The conference will focus on the Europeanization of the nations and the national public spheres in relation to three main areas of great importance for the European welfare states and democracies in a globalized world.


1: Europeanization of National Politics and Democracy: with a special focus on the changing forms of political processes in a transnational and global perspective and the role of Europeanization for policy-areas of strong importance for the development and transformation of the modern welfare state.


2: Cultural Globalisation and the Multicultural Challenge: with focus on the transformation of a traditionally homogenous, national culture which both takes the form of a greatly increased intercultural contact and the integration of ethnic groups into nation states as a whole and for the migration between member states.


3: Media, Culture and Everyday Life: the National, the European and the Global: with focus on the role of media, culture and language for the construction of culture and the influence of Europeanization and globalisation on our norms, attitudes and perceptions of the national, the European, and the global.




List of contributors with abstracts