Happy 20th birthday internal market - crisis, growth and global competition


How can the internal market contribute to secure growth in the EU, improve the Union's global competitiveness and maintain and create jobs in Europe?

Join us when Commissioner of the European Commission Michel Barnier and Chairwoman of the Danish Parliament's European Affairs Committee Eva Kjer Hansen talk about the significance of EU's internal market. Professor Ben Rosamond introduces the topic with a short internal market crash course. The speeches are followed by a debate with the audience.


  1. Welcome by Ralf Hemmingsen, Rector at the University of Copenhagen
  2. Ben Rosamond, Professor, European Research at the University of Copenhagen (EURECO), University of Copenhagen
  3. Michel Barnier, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services
  4. Eva Kjer Hansen, Member of the Danish Parliament and Chairwoman of the Parliament's European Affairs Committee

Debate with the audience

Moderator: Michael Jarlner, International Editor, Politiken

The event is free, but registration is necessary. Please register here.

The event is open to the press.