Identity Nationalism and Cultural Policy in Europe

Identity, Nationalism and Cultural Policy
In Europe
Thursday 19 November – Friday 20 November, 2009

International Conference
Organised by
University of Copenhagen,
Department of Arts and Cultural Studies

Idea and organisation: Peter Duelund
Conference secretary: Elvira Mormino


Globalization, European integration and migration are crucial factors behind the present revitalisation of nationalism in cultural policy in Europe.

The transformations and challenges confronting the European regions, nations, national states and minorities seem to indicate that collective forms of identity, such as nationalism, are improved in public cultural policy and will hardly be reduced in the years to come.

Cultural policy has also been an official part of the EU. With the Maastricht Treaty a separate cultural paragraph was adopted. The cultural policy dimension has since been further elaborated and written into the Lisbon Treaty.

Finally the complex relations between identities, nationalism and cultural policy have been put on the agenda as a new direction in the humanities and social sciences.

The aim of the Conference is to contribute to an academic and political identification, clarification and debate of the different ideas of nationalism displayed in cultural policies in Europe today. The conference is bringing together experts from a variety of disciplines in cultural policy studies to discuss:

• How are identity, nationalism and cultural policy reflected in the human and social sciences?
• Which ideas of identity are currently displayed in national European cultural policies and in the European Union?
• Which theoretical and methodological approaches seem to be promising for further research and new political practices?


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