Danish Science, Universities and the Challenge from Nazism 1933-1945

The Conference will feature 10 scientific contributions covering central scientific disciplines where the Nazi challenge is particularly relevant, from the perspective of Danish science and its connections to Germany. The term challenge is to be interpreted widely and encompass both adaptation to, rejection of, and scientific debate with German science and German scientific institutions in the period 1933 – 1945. But not the actual adaptation of and collaboration with Nazi science. An area which we consider to be already fairly thoroughly explored. In addition a few institutional aspects, relating especially to research and education at Copenhagen University during the period, will be explored. The aim is to present contributions which represent new research or new approaches to existing published research. The conference and the conference discussions will be presented in a scientific publication of no more than 300 pages.

The conference is open to everyone interested in the conference topic.

See programme and abstracts here.