Auschwitz, Poland, and the Europeanisation of Holocaust memory - Guest lecture by Prof. Marek Kucia

The Holocaust was a European and, even more so, East European event in history. The memory of it, however, developed earlier in the West than in the East. This lecture will indicate some reasons thereof. It will analyse who is actually remembered in Holocaust memory, depending upon from what perspective one looks. It will assess the role of cosmopolitan Holocaust memory and European organisations in the development of the memory of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. It will also address the issue in what sense "Holocaust recognition” was East European countries’ "European entry ticket”, as Tony Judt put it.
Dr. Marek Kucia is Associate Professor at the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland and Marie Curie Fellow at Lund University, Centre for European Studies. He published about EU accession of East European countries, memory of Auschwitz, and social theory.