Guest lectures in Ex-Yugoslavia network

Prof. dr. Dubravka Stojanović, University of Belgrade, Serbia:
History Textbooks in Construction of Collective Identities: Some Examples from Serbia

Dr. Bojan Aleksov, University College London/SSEES/:
Negotiating Boundaries: Uses of  Religion, Language and History in Balkan Identity Formation

Time: Friday, November 2nd 2012, 11.15 – 13.00
Place: Artillerivej 86, room 0.26, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

The lectures are open to all and no registration is needed.

The event is organized by Ex-Yugoslavia network in cooperation with the project The Many Roads in Modernity and funded by the Centre for Modern European Studies (CEMES)

Further information: Selma Bukovica Gundersen or Zlatko Jovanovic