Guidelines for CEMES Grant applications


When applying for CEMES grants, the following rules apply for individual applicants as well as research group applications. For any questions related to the application process, you can contact CEMES' Centre coordinator Haakon A. Ikonomou


1. Applications must be submitted electronically (PDF files) to Centre coordinator Haakon A. Ikonomou.

2. The main applicant responsible for the project must be employed as a researcher at the University of Copenhagen (The Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Theology). Researchers from other Faculties as well as other Danish and foreign universities can be part of the application. 

3. Applications for funding of interdisciplinary activities in modern European studies should fall within the CEMES research themes 

4. Individual researchers can apply for funding of collective activities. These may include, among other things, conferences, seminars, workshops, public lectures and debates. Edited volumes born out of CEMES activities can receive limited funding. The funding does not cover individual research missions.

5. Research groups can apply for funding of collective activities. These may include, among other things, conferences, seminars, workshops, public lectures and debates and networking activities. Edited volumes born out of CEMES activities can receive limited funding. The steering committee will give special attention to applications that apply for seed money to facilitate external research applications in the field of European studies. Examples of such facilitating activities are workshops and network seminars involving external partners.

6. Applications must be sent to the CEMES Secretariat, and be comprised of maximum 5 pages, excluding annexes. A detailed budget must be annexed to the application (see the specific guidelines here). In addition, the application must include a ¼ page summary for the secretariat to use when announcing the event. 

7. The applications are evaluated by the steering committee according to their relevance to the research area of CEMES. All projects will have to be carried out within a definite time as defined by the specific call for applications.

8. The CEMES administration will handle public relations and advertisement of all CEMES activities. The grant holder is responsible for providing adequate information to the secretariat for this purpose.

9. We expect that it is visibly stated that CEMES is (co-)funder of the activity in question (on websites, posters, programmes etc.)

All practicalities related to organizing the events should be handled at the home department of the grant holder. To facilitate the latter it is recommended that applications include adequate student aid hours. The CEMES administration will be available for consultation on practical matters for CEMES events. The accounting aspects of all activities will be handled by the faculty's finance centre in consultation with the grant holder and the CEMES administrative coordinator. Further information in this regard will be given to grant recipients upon receiving the grant. The grant holder must provide a final grant account.