9 June 2020

Diplomatica 2:1 is out

Issue 2:1 of Diplomatica is now available: bit.ly/2X1NZyV.

It features a forum on business diplomacy; articles on Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Indian, and Dutch diplomacy; a discussion about women in diplomacy; and several book reviews.

The updated list of books available for review is here: https://newdiplomatichistory.org/books-for-review/ 

There are also two new podcasts -- one with Rósa Magnúsdóttir and the other with Jeremy Black -- on the podcasts page: https://newdiplomatichistory.org/podcasts/. Anyone with ideas for podcasts or wanting to review a book should be in touch with Haakon Ikonomou: ikonomou@hum.ku.dk.

We also invite you to have a look at our news page, where we post recent articles and other items of note. We welcome reviews of these articles, and all other comments, which may be sent to our main address: newdiplo@gmail.com.