Towards Complex Diversity? – University of Copenhagen



Workshop 4-5 December 2014:

Towards Complex Diversity?

Understanding new challenges for the accommodation of difference and diversity in Europe and the World

A workshop focused on the new challenges associated with the accommodation of difference and multiculturalism in Europe, the emergence of the European far right, and protest politics and social movements in Europe and beyond.

Purpose of the workshop:

‘Complex diversity’ is a research focus of the Eurochallenge project WP3, funded by the 2016 programme of KU. The project investigates the emergence of a form of complex diversity that is associated with changes in multicultural environments, mediated forms of communication, and attendant social and political patterns of conflict and contestation. The project’s empirical focus is on new challenges – associated with an increasingly globalized world and the current European financial and social crisis – and the way these challenges transform the systems for the accommodation of difference, multiculturalism, and equality that Scandinavian societies have adopted in the context of European integration. This workshop will feed directly into the research tasks defined by the project. The objective is to identify the different dimensions and layers of cultural complexity in an environment of global cultural and political exchanges in order to synthesize them in a conceptual map. Such an effort shall help us to focus empirical research, and to establish the broader societal and cultural implications of the project, in order to get a better sense of the direction and magnitude of transformation.