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MA-courses in European Studies

Centre for Modern European Studies offers an elective program in Modern European Studies. The program is organized around three constituent courses, which explore key cultural, political and media issues that have characterised Europe from the Early Modern period up to the present day. The courses aim to provide a deeper and more qualified understanding of the ongoing debate concerning Europe, a debate which has intensified in recent years alongside the EU's latest expansions and the issue of Europe's future role in the world. From an occupational perspective, Modern European Studies is targeted at work in international companies and organisations, EU institutions, embassies, EU journalism, and cultural and business consultancy. If you pass exams in two out of the three courses offered by Centre of Modern European Studies, you will achieve a minor degree in Modern European Studies.

The courses are administrated by the Saxo-Institute and are built on interdisciplinary collaboration between the Faculties of Humanities and Theology from the following sections and departments: Film and Media Studies, Philosophy and Rhetoric, History of Religions, History, European Ethnology, Literature, Modern Cultural Studies and European Language Studies.