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Online options for networking and participation

This conference offers a variety of options for networking and participating online before, during and after the conference. Here is an overview of your options - whether you're in Copenhagen or elsewhere on the day of the conference.


Watch the keynotes and presentations as they are being streamed live on this site, no matter where in the world you are on the day of the conference.


Follow the backchannel on this website - or by using the Twitter hashtags: #NMPS2012 for keynote sessions and presentations held in room 23.0.50, and #NMPS2012_session for the parallel sessions held in 22.0.11. Here conference participants can discuss presentations while they're taking place, sharing their knowledge, relevant links or whatever else they feel is germane to the topic at hand. Backchannels enrich the conference experience with inclusive, dynamic discussion.  It also elevates online viewers to first-class conference participants. Read the quick guide to getting started using a backchannel.


If you are using Twitter already, join the debate and get updates about the conference, by following the conference hashtags.


The presentations which were streamed live on the day of the conference will be made available as videos on the conference website after the event.