Research group activities

Thinking the European Republic of Letters – Spring 2019

  1. marts 2019, 24.4.62, kl. 15.05-17.00

Sergio Santiago Romero (Madrid): Nietzsche’s philosophy and its influence on Spanish Literature. The case of Theatre 

  1. marts 2019, 24.4.62, kl. 16.05-18.00uggle for the Open (Das Offene)"

Prof. Hans Ruin (Södertörn): Rilke, Heidegger, and the struggle for the Open (Das Offene) 

  1. april, kl. 17-19, bagefter fælles spisning

Diskussion af Hans Blumenberg 

  1. maj 2019, 12.3.07, kl. 14.00-16.00

Sean Franzel (Missouri): Writing Time: The Aesthetics of Ephemerality in Nineteenth-Century Periodical Literature 

27.-29. juni: international konference om tidlig tysk romantik (program følger)

Group activities 2018

1) Feb. 21, 15-17, Søndre Campus 24.3.62: Frank Ejby Poulsen discusses theses and arguments of his dissertation: A Cosmopolitan Republican in the French Revolution. The Political Thought of Anarcharsis Cloots (closed meeting, group members only) 

2) March 16, 13-15, Søndre Campus 24.4.01: Troels Thorborg Andersen: ”Techno og filosofi: Om at oversætte Rainald Goetz’ Rave” (open meeting, everybody welcome). 

3) March 16, 17-19, Møllegades Boghandel, Nørrebro: Book presentation and discussion with Christian Benne on Friedrich Nietzsche’s lyrical poetry (open meeting, everybody welcome). 

3) April 4., 18.00-19.30 (Saxo meeting room, Søndre Campus 12.03.07): Debate on Stanley Cavell and the relationship between intellectual history, philosophy and literary criticism (closed meeting, group members only). 

4) April 24, Danish writer Stig Dalager in conversation with Sabrina Ebbersmeyer on Elisabeth of Bohemia, one of the first women in Western philosophy. Stig Dalager will also read from his novel Kvinde i et århundrede (2017), which was partly inspired by Sabrina Ebbersmeyer’s work on Elisabeth (open meeting, everybody welcome). 

5) May 18.-20., Paderborn: International conference on Elisabeth of Bohemia, co-organised by Sabrina Ebbersmeyer 

6) May 22, 15-17, Søndre Campus 22.0.11: ”Litteraturkritikken før og nu.” Seminar i anledning af udgivelsen af bogen Litteraturteori LIVE. Seksten samtaler om kritikkens guldalder ved Marianne Stidsen. Medvirkende bl.a. Marianne Stidsen, Isak Winkel Holm, Lasse Horne Kjældgaard og Christian Benne. Followed by reception (open meeting, everybody welcome). 

7) June 13. Author meets Critic. With Kristin Gjesdal (Oslo Universitet/Temple University): Herder's Hermeneutics: History, Poetry, Enlightenment, Cambridge University Press 2017. In conversation with Christian Benne (KU) and Adam Paulsen (SDU). Followed by reception (open meeting, everybody welcome). 

8) June 22-24, Hamburg, „Vom Blatt zur Seite. Was es heißt, ein Manuskript zu lesen.“, Workshop at the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, organised by Christian Benne 


5 October 2017: Guest lecture with Prof. Dr. Christiane Schildknecht (University of Lucerne): "Fiction as thought experiment?"

15 November 2017: Author meets critic: with Paul A. Kottman (New School for Social Research, New York), on his new book Love as Human Freedom (Stanford University Press).

Paul A. Kottman is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at the New School for Social Research, and Eugene Lang College, the New School for Liberal Arts. He is a member of the Committee on Liberal Studies, and is affiliated with the Philosophy Department. He holds the Abilitazione, Professore Ordinario in Filosofia, Estetica (Professor of Philosophy, Aesthetics) in Italy. He has held Visiting Professorships at the University of Tokyo; the Università degli studi di Verona; Instituto per gli studi filosofici, Naples; and the International Chair in Political Languages, Dipartimento di Politiche Pubbliche e Scelte Colletive (POLIS), Università del Piemonte Orientale.

He has been awarded residential fellowships at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (Institute for Research in the Humanities) and Internationales Kolleg Morphomata, Universität zu Köln. He is the editor of a new book series at Stanford University Press, Square One: First Order Questions in the Humanities His most recent book is Love as Human Freedom (Stanford University Press, 2017).