The New Atlantic Order of the Long 20th Century

The Transformation of Modern International Politics and Its Impact on Small States

This conversation between Michael Jonas, Professor of Modern History at the Helmut-Schmidt-Universität of Hamburg, and Patrick O. Cohrs, Professor of International History at the University of Florence, is part of the workshop “Nordic jurists and legal internationalism, 1880s-1970s”.

The conversation between Michael Jonas and Patrick Cohrs will be based on the latter’s new book The New Atlantic Order (Cambridge University Press, 2022), which seeks to offer a fresh interpretation of how, and why, international politics and the international order underwent such a profound transformation in the “long” twentieth century (1860–2020). Building on Michael Jonas’ expertise in this area, the discussion will focus on exploring what impact this transformation – and the struggle to create a modern global peace order – had on small states, particularly their security, their sovereignty and the international policies they could pursue.