Cemes for Young Scholars (CYS)

Ancuța-Gabriela Tarța, ancuta@hum.ku.dk

CYS was established in September 2008 and is dedicated to developing interdisciplinary contacts on a national, regional and international scale, within the field of modern European studies. CYS is a network with the objective for young scholars to benefit from the interdisciplinary and international exchange of different approaches to the fundamental categories that underpin European studies.

CYS invites young scholars, PhD students in particular, and others in the phase of developing a field of research to participate in expanding the network and in arranging events and activities for young researchers.

CYS will:
• Sponsor and host international seminars, conferences and guest lectures
• Develop a national and international network of researchers
• Publish working papers on the CEMES-website

CYS has a fund for its purposes, and you can apply for funding of relevant research activities with the annual CYS budget. If you have suggestions for events and activities, please contact Ancuța Tarța / ancuta@hum.ku.dk

Recent events:

International symposium on Media, Food and Identity, held 13-14 Nov. 2012Read more

International conference on New Media and the Public Sphere, held 8-9 Nov. 2012. Read more

Spring 2010: "Culture - the concept and the politics". PhD course. 

International research seminar: European Citizenship and Cultural Identity, held 20-21 January 2009. Read more