European Contemporary History: Integration, Ideology and Politics (ECH) 

Mission Statement

This research group has two objectives. First it seeks to encourage the closer cooperation between different disciplines researching European integration over time. We are indebted to the founders of the original group on Rethinking European Integration, Morten Rasmussen and Mikael Rask Madsen, and will continue building on the close relations they have established between CEMES, the Centre for Studies in Legal Culture and other researchers from different disciplines, universities and research institutions in Denmark and beyond. Additional interdisciplinary cooperation includes the Department of Politics as well as a number of individual researchers, research centres and networks outside of the University of Copenhagen.

We also believe that the challenge of interdisciplinary cooperation underlying the founding of the original group is not the only challenge confronting the history of European integration however.

It is therefore the second objective of this research group to strengthen the dialogue between European integration history and the broader field of European contemporary history both at the European international level and within European states. Building on political, economic, social and cultural history, the history of contemporary Europe is a “blended history” without a particularly strong foothold within these traditional historical sub-disciplines. At the same time it has the potential to bridge the gaps between different sub-disciplines and to contribute to an increased intra-disciplinary dialogue on contemporary Europe. Finally, we also hope to tie the group’s activities to recent theoretical and methodological developments in the historiography of Europe including in particular the transnational research perspective and conceptual history.

Group conveners

Niklas Olsen, Brigitte Leucht and Sigfrido Ramírez Pérez


Forthcoming events – 2014

14 October 2014, 1200-1500: Internal research seminar

3 November 2014, 1400-1700: Author meets Critics event with Johan Schot, University of Sussex, who will present his latest monograph Making the Rules for Europe (authored jointly with Wolfram Kaiser)

2 December 2014, 1200-1500: Internal research seminar

11-12 December 2014: Conference on European Crises in the Twentieth Century: History – Economy – Politics, organized jointly by Niklas Olsen and Poul Fritz Kjaer, Copenhagen Business School

Past Events

Internal and external collaborators


Kristine Marie Berg (Rethoric) 
Alexandre Bernier (History) 
Rebekka Byberg (History) 
Karl Christian Lammers (History) 
Brigitte Leucht (History) 
Niklas Olsen (History)
Morten Rasmussen (History) 
Marie Sandberg (Etnhology) 
Nanna Bonde Thylstrup (Arts and Cultural Studies) 
Hans Jörg Trenz (Media, Cognition and Communication) 
Anne Wæhrens (History) 
Dino Knudsen (History)

University of Copenhagen

Jens Arnholtz (Sociology) 
Mikkel Jarle Christensen (Law) 
Anne Lise Kjær (Law) 
Helle Krunke (Law
Amnon Lev (Law) 
Mikael Rask Madsen (Law and sociology)
Rebecca Adler-Nissen (Political science)
Bart Van Vooren (Law)  

Associated members in Danish universities 

Dorte Andersen (Department of Border Region Studies, University of Southern Denmark)  
Christina Fiig (European Studies, Aarhus University)
Hagen Schulz-Forberg (European studies, Aarhus University) 
Karen Gram-Skjoldager (History and Area Studies Aarhus University)
Ann-Christina Lauring Knudsen (European studies, Aarhus University) 
Poul Fritz Kjær (Copenhagen Buisness School) 
Ian Manners (Department of Society and Globalisation, RUC) 
Jan-Henrik Meyer (European studies, Aarhus University)
Thorsten Borring Olesen (History Department, Aarhus University)
Jonas Pedersen (Aarhus University)
Hans-Åke Persson (Department of Culture and Identity, RUC)
Christilla Roederer-Rynning (Department of Political Science, University of Southern Denmark) 
Lisanne Wilken (European studies, Aarhus University) 

Associated International Members

Julie Bailleux, Maître de conférences, Université Panthéon-Assas
Bernhard Blumenau, Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of International History, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva
Anne Boerger, Assistant Professor, Campus Saint-Jean, University of Alberta, Canada Web page 
Antonin Cohen, Maître de conférences, Political Science, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense  Web page
Bill Davies, Assistant Professor, Department of Justice, Law and Society, American University Web page 
Anne Deighton, Professor of European International Politics, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford; Fellow, Wolfson College
Michelle Egan, Associate Professor and Jean Monnet Chair Ad Personam, School of International Service, American University
Web page 
Maria Fritsche, Associate Professor, Department of History and Classical Studies, NTNU Trondheim Web page 
Carine Germond, Assistant Professor, History Department, Maastricht University / Marie Curie Fellow, School of Social, Historical and Literary Studies, University of Portsmouth Web page
Wolfram Kaiser, Professor of European Studies, School of Social, Historical and Literary Studies, University of Portsmouth 
Niilo Kauppi, Research professor/Directeur de recherche CNRS Web page
N. Piers Ludlow, Associate Professor in International History, The London School of Economics and Political Science Web page 
Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol, Research Associate/Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow, University of Glasgow
Kiran Klaus Patel, Professor of European and Global History, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University Web page 
Angela Romano, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Glasgow
Christian Salm, Centre for European and International Studies Research, University of Portsmouth Web page 
Katja Seidel, Lecturer in History, University of Westminster Web page
Antoine Vauchez, Research Professor at the CNRS, Centre européen de sociologie et science politique, Université Paris 1-Sorbonne Web page 
Rebecca Wennberg, Department of History, Royal Holloway, University of London Web page 

  Associated international and national networks and research projects
- RICHIE network (
- Polilexes (
- Centre for Global and Regional Ethnographies at Aarhus University (


If you have any questions please contact the group conveners
Niklas Olsen
Brigitte Leucht
Sigfrido Ramírez Pérez