European Policies and Quality of Life (EPOQ)


EPOQ is a research group under CEMES dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of relations between European policies and their reality as everyday life for European life-modes. Combining the study of policy, culture and life-modes is a way of dealing with both policies as they effect people and the way policies and structural problems reflect everyday life and life-modes.

EPOQ is open to researchers that are interested in debates, seminars and research projects that explore the relations between governance and groups of people, communities and life-modes. The research field is diverse and the research group is cross disciplinary and contains members from disciplines such as resource management, social science, economy, anthropology and ethnology. The aim of the research group is to identify and investigate conflicts and paradoxes between European policies and life-modes, and to contribute to solutions and new insights in the debates.


Professor Thomas Højrup(Ethnology, SAXO Institute, Copenhagen University)
Professor Klaus Schriewer(Social Anthropology, University of Murcia, Spain)
Associate Professor Niels Jul Nielsen (Ethnology, SAXO Institute, CPH University)
Phd fellow Jeppe Høst(Ethnology, The SAXO Institute, Copenhagen University)
Phd fellow Gry Søbye(Ethnology, The SAXO Institute, Copenhagen University)


The research group will:
• Hold regular seminars with thematic discussions between the participants in the research group
• Sponsor and host international seminars and guest lectures
• Develop and international network of researchers
• Publish working papers on the CEMES-website
• Develop national and international research projects with external funding

Former Activities

In November 2010 EPOQ held the symposium Coastal Cultures in Times of changes. Read more here.