The primary task of the Centre for Modern European Studies (CEMES) is to explore the profound transformation of the political, cultural and intellectual contours of Europe that has taken place over the last centuries. The centre will actively work to coordinate and develop research and education in European studies based on interdisciplinary collaboration between various departments, sections and researchers at the Faculty of Humanities at Copenhagen University. Read more about CEMES research.

Organisational structure 

The backbone of CEMES is the group of researchers associated with CEMES and involved in the various research projects and activities linked to CEMES. The researchers have various fields of expertise, but are all joined in CEMES by their common interest in the field of European research. 

Research groups

In order to ensure a multifaceted and active research network, CEMES has established five research groups, within which a variety of activities take place. The research groups focus on different complimentary aspects of Europe and European history that are central to the field of modern European studies. The groups are all open to participants, including both CEMES researchers and external researchers. In addition to the research groups, which organize a majority of CEMES' research activities, CEMES also provides funding opportunities for research activities independent of the research groups.

CEMES steering committee 

CEMES is headed by a steering committee consisting of representatives from all participating Faculty of Humanity Departments:

The Steering Committee is responsible for the overall administration of CEMES, including economy and the organisation of common activities. 





Saxo Institute (Saxo)
Morten Rasmussen - mortenra@hum.ku.dk 
Alternate: Niklas Olsen - nolsen@hum.ku.dk

Communication (KOMM)
Alternate:  Miklós Áron Sükösdkjm518@hum.ku.dk

English, Germanic and Romance Studies (ENGEROM)
Anna Lena Sandbergannas@hum.ku.dk
Alternate: Christian Benne - christian.benne@hum.ku.dk

Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (TORS)
Thea Sindbæk Andersen - nxr333@hum.ku.dk

Nordic Studies and Linguistics (NORS)
Jan Rosiek - rosiek@hum.ku.dk
Alternate: Marianne Stidsen - stidsen@hum.ku.dk 

Arts and Cultural Studies (IKK)

Laura Luise Schultz - laura@hum.ku.dk

Alternate: Michael Fjeldsøefjeldsoe@hum.ku.dk 

Faculty of Theology
Tine Reeh - trr@teol.ku.dk 
Alternate: Anna Vind - avind@teol.ku.dk

Participation by:
Centre coordinator
Jacob Jensenjacob.jensen@hum.ku.dk




The CEMES secretariat

The CEMES secretariat supports the Steering Committee, the CEMES GRANT holders and the CEMES network with administrational tasks. The centre coordinator is Jacob jensen (jacob.jensen@hum.ku.dk).

CEMES REPORT 2018-2019

Report 2018-2019

We are happy to announce the launch of our CEMES REPORT 2018-2019, describing the many tasks and activities of our centre