The aim of the Centre for Modern European Studies is to coordinate and develop research and education in European studies based on a broad interdisciplinary collaborative approach to the field. CEMES provides various platforms for researchers to develop and discuss their research on European history and developments within areas such as, among others, culture, media, politics, international relations, religion, philosophy, and literature.

CEMES sets out to:

  • Develop interdisciplinary research in European studies within the humanities
  • Develop collaboration with other Danish centres for European studies
  • Create international networks within the field of European studies
  • Initiate and support individual and collective research projects in European studies with external funding
  • Gather expertise within the humanities on European matters, making research accessible and disseminating it to a broader audience
  • Support the publication of European studies research 

Research groups 

In order to ensure a multifaceted and active network, CEMES has initiated the formation and consolidation of five research groups, which will run in the period from 2020-2022.

Read about former CEMES research groups here.

Research networks

CEMES engages in interdisciplinary and international networks with other research centres in the field of European studies.