European Cultures of Laughter

This interdisciplinary research group explores Europe through its laughter cultures, ranging from stand-up performances and TV shows to satire and comedy in art and literature. The aim is to understand the specificity of European cultures of laughter and the critical reception they receive in the non-European world.

Historical investigations have shown that Europe has the most extensive tradition of mocking, ridiculing, and poking fun at political and religious authorities in the world. From the 16th to the 20th century, Europe published far more works of irreverent satire, parody, and comedy than any other continent. This research group investigates the continuing importance of these remarkable and comprehensive laughter cultures, which have arguably played a greater role in the self-understanding and perception of authority in Europe than elsewhere.

However, in recent decades, European laughter cultures have also been widely criticised for being insensitive, disrespectful, provocative and more, especially by non-European voices. In order to address these criticisms, the research group does noe examine European laughter cultures in isolation, but examines their conflicted interactions with the non-European world.






Name Title Phone E-mail
Brink, Dennis Meyhoff Postdoc +4535325472 E-mail
Bruhn, Tommy Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535337457 E-mail
Eigtved, Michael Associate Professor +4535331486 E-mail
Rösing, Lilian Munk Associate Professor +4535329264 E-mail
Zerlang, Martin Emeritus +4535328208 E-mail

Lund University

Doona, Joanna Associate senior
Hultman, Anna  PhD student
Klasson, Magne PhD student
Lundkvist, Jonas Doctoral student
Mortensen, Anders  Professor
Nordin, Jonas Professor

Malmø University

Maare, Åsa Harvard Associate professor


Brandt, Nikolaj 
Curator, Storm Museum
Bruhn, Jørgen Professor, Linnæus University
Bruun, Hanne  Professor, Aarhus University
Klitgaard, Ida 
Associate professor, Roskilde University
Lundquist, Lita  Professor emeritus, Copenhagen Business School
Munk, Hannibal  Curator, Kroppedal Museum
Vigsö, Orla  Professor, Gothenburg University
Stjernfelt, Frederik  Professor, Aalborg University
Ödmark, Sara  Lecturer, Mid Sweden University