Screening Europe - The State of Polycrisis in the European Audiovisual Industry

The project works toward two objectives: first, it examines how Europe is portrayed, perceived, and considered through the content that we view on European “screens”. Second, it is “screening” how the state of global polycrisis has impacted the European film and television industries.

The project explores how the European screen contents reflect Europe’s ethnic, racial, gender, linguistic and class-related diversity; which discourses, aesthetics, and narrative strategies predominate in European screen content; how much of the political and social reality of Europe is depicted on European screens; and, how digitization, AI, US platform imperialism, environmental crisis, and war have been affecting European screen industries. Our contextual and interdisciplinary approach aims at identifying obstacles and opportunities for European policymakers in this extremely disruptive period for the European audiovisual sector, as well as on addressing potential policy solutions. It ultimately asks how the relationship between academic researchers and decision-makers in the European film and TV industries can be improved to better address current challenges.


  • How is Europe and its complexities represented on European screens?
  • How do digitization, globalization, the environmental crisis and political paradigm shifts affect the European screen industries?
  • What is the role of scholars in discussing, formulating and evaluating the policy solutions to the polycrises in European film and television?







  • Petar Mitric, Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Film Studies, University of Copenhagen, Department of Communication (director)
  • Anna Estera Mrozewicz, Associate Professor of Film Studies, Lund University, Centre for Languages and Literature (coordinator)






Name Title Phone E-mail
Antic, Ana Professor +4535330754 E-mail
Grønlund, Anders Teaching Assistant +4535327250 E-mail
Krakus, Anna Helena Alexandra Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535332258 E-mail
Krgovic, Marija PhD Fellow +4545-35330197 E-mail
Mitric, Petar Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535322489 E-mail
Pedersen, Oscar Waage Elbæk PhD Fellow +4535330818 E-mail
Redvall, Eva Novrup Associate Professor +4535329437 E-mail

Lund University 

Duru, Deniz Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication Studies, Department of Communication and Media
Mrozewicz, Anna Estera  Associate Professor of Film Studies, Centre for Languages and Literature
Stjernholm, Emil  Associate Senior Lecturer in Film and Media Studies, Department of Communication and Media

Malmö University

Mollerup, Nina Grønlykke Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, School of Arts and Communication
Wessels, Josepha Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies & documentary filmmaker, School of Arts and Communication