Crisis in Ukraine – Perspectives from the Baltics

The current crisis in Ukraine is still the hot issue. SILBA Copenhagen in cooperation with think-tank Europa is proud to invite you to hear different perspectives on this ongoing crisis with the help of distinguished speakers from the three Baltic States - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. These three countries have a unique history with Russia and thus their insights on situation in Ukraine can enlighten what seems to be well-discussed topic by now.

Security concerns of the three Baltic States and Europe at large, the challenges that existing Russian minorities in three Baltic states can create, policies pursued by Russia in the area, and, of course, further suggestions on how to resolve the ongoing crisis - are just few of the important and interesting topics to be covered during the presentations and in Q&A session.

The speakers are:

Dr. Heiko Pääbo is the Director of the Center for Baltic Studies at University of Tartu and of the MA programme Baltic Sea Region Studies (Estonia). His research focuses on International Relations, Memory Studies, Transition Studies, Baltic Studies and Russian and East European Studies. His most recent book, among other topics, provides a comparative analysis of Russian policies in the Baltic States.

Prof. Artis Pabriks is a Latvian political scientist, professor and politician, current member of the European Parliament, former minister of Foreign Affairs (2004-2007) and minister of Defence of Latvia (2010-2014). His major research interests include multiculturalism, nationalism, security policy, ethnic policy and human rights.

Prof. Leonidas Donskis is a prominent Lithuanian philosopher, political theorist, social analyst, political commentator, former (2009-2014) member of the European Parliament (MEP). As a public figure in Lithuania, Professor Donskis is known as human rights and civil liberties defender. In 2004 European Commission awarded prof. Donskis with the title of the Ambassador for Tolerance and Diversity in Lithuania. Currently he also chairs the board of Human Rights Monitoring Institute in Lithuania.

The event is free, however due to limited seats available, we advise you to register by sending an email with your name to as soon as possible, but no later than December 5th 2014.

Looking forward to welcome you at this unique event!