Enquiries into a Danish, European and World Cultural Heritage

Open Workshop

09:30   Welcome

09:35   Director, Dr. Paul Peucker, Moravian Archives, USA
           After the Sifting Time: Solving a Moravian Mystery and Its Consequences
           for Moravian Studies

10:30   Gerda Henkel Research Fellow,
            Dr. Christina Petterson, Australian National University
           The Moravian Christiansfeld

11:15   Coffee

11:30    Professor, dr.phil. Thomas Bredsdorff, University of Copenhagen
            Enlightenment and Dissent

12:15    Lunch

14:00   Professor mso, dr.theol. Tine Reeh, University of Copenhagen
           Religious Trajectories to Secularization: The Case of Christiansfeld

14:45   Coffee

15:15   Dr. Jørgen Bøytler, Brødremenigheden Christiansfeld
           How Christiansfeld was appointed UNESCO World Cultural Heritage