Migration, refugees and solidarity beyond borders

CEMES Studentfroum and AMIS is hosting a seminar presenting two distinguished scholars within migration studies and European Ethnology. 

Sabine Hess: 'De- and Restabilisation of the border regime'

Sabine Hess is professor in Ethnology at University of Göttingen. She has been the PI of the research project TransitMigration and has published extensively within the field of Critical Migration Studies. Hess is furthermore one of the initiators of the journal Grenzregime (in German).

Martin Bak Jørgensen: 'Solidarity without Borders'

Martin Bak Jørgensen is an associate professor in migration studies at Ålborg University. Martin is the co-editor of the book (with Oscar Garcia Augustin) Solidarity without borders, Pluto Press 2016 in which a Gramscian perspective to migration studies is presented:

Moderator: Marie Sandberg,

                   The Saxo-Institute and AMIS

The seminar is open to all.

Contact: Marie Sandberg, sandberg@hum.ku.dk