The Bible and the Quran III

Third Bible and Quran Seminar with Keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Thomas Bauer on Religion and ambiguity

  • Keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Thomas Bauer:  Religion and ambiguity. Bauer is professor at Institut für Arabistik und Islamwissenschaft, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster.

  • Presentation of the Danish Independent Research Council project Precision and Ambiguity in the Qurʾān by Prof. mso Thomas Hoffmann, Postdoc Johanne Christiansen, and PhD-student Diaa Eldeen Mohamed

The Bible and the Quran Seminar series addresses the complex relations between the Islamic Quran and the Jewish and Christian Bible. The seminar series seeks to promote critical-historical understanding between Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scriptures.

After the seminar, the Section of Biblical Studies hosts a reception (at the Section's kitchenette).

All are welcome.