Raised to rebellion?: Workshop on oral history

Using oral testimonies as a source in historical studies is not a prevailing way of working with history in Denmark, let alone a method that is in focus in the teaching of new historians at the universities. Thursday 3.10.2019 CEMES will co-host an introductory workshop to the method of oral history for students and researchers of history, ethnology and others interested in the field.
The workshop will be centered around presentations about the research project Raised to rebellion? Collective memory of demonstrations, a project carried out be a student driven research collective from the University of Warsaw. By using the method of oral history, they study the evolution of protest practices in Poland dating back to the generation of the protests in 1968, the Solidarność-movement and up until protests of the present day.
Moreover the programme consist of speaks held by postdoc at KU Stine Grønbæk Jensen, about her work with oral history in connection to the individuals in welfare state institutions, and associate professor at RUC, Chris Holmsted Larsen, who is specialized in protest movements and political violence.
During the workshop the participants will engage in practical exercises, discussions, sharing of experiences and reflections that will provide them with tools and inspiration for future projects within the field of oral history. 
Participation is free, but registration is required on: mfb927@alumni.ku.dk
The workshop will be held in english, and a detailed programme will be send to the participants later on.