LoMo event 202030209

The London Moment

Exile Governments, Activists and Academics in Great Britain, 1940 – 1945

Julia Eichenberg (Freigeist Fellow, UBT Bayreuth) will present and discuss her current research project “The London Moment” with Pavol Jakubec (University of Gothenburg).

“The London Moment” explores the transnational collaboration of European governments-in-exile in London during the Second World War.

When the Nazis conquered the continent in 1939/1940, political elites from all over Europe and beyond fled to Great Britain, the last remaining haven of the Allies within reachable distance. While Berlin became the capital of fascist Europe, London became the capital of free Europe, the seat of almost all European governments, and home to many European and non-European academics and activists.

This project displays the establishment of exile governments on British soil, discussing challenges in exile such as legitimacy and resources. It highlights European interaction in London in addition to the predominant focus on the Anglo-American alliance. Looking at Western and Eastern European governments in exile, it shows that the close vicinity in inner-city London enabled governments-in-exile and their advising experts to intensify political and legal cooperation and set agendas for post-war planning. The ideas circulated in London display both internationalist hopes as well as nationalist (and partly imperialist) will to maintain European influence in a post-war world.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A with the audience.