Media development – European and global perspectives

How do make ensure high-quality media systems where local journalists can shape global news? How do we ensure that “forgotten crises” reach audiences beyond the headlines? And what role can European media development organizations play as part of shrinking aid budgets? These are some of the questions that we will discuss with a panel of academic and policy experts that work on various frontlines of global media development.


Anna Maris

She is Programme Manager Sustainability at the Fojo Media InsHtute. Prior to that, she was Programme Manager for Fojo’s programmes in Bangladesh for three years aEer an assignment as BBC Media Ac.on Senior Media Policy Advisor for Bangladesh, Sierra Leone & Ethiopia. She also worked for Public Broadcaster Swedish Radio (SR), as independent film producer where she delivered several projects within media, film, communica.ons and rural development.
Anna currently completes her Master’s in Communica.on for Development at Malmö University.

Rosie Parkyn

She is the Global Director of Impact with the Internews Alliance, an interna.onal nonprofit which works in over 100 countries to support journalists and the free flow of high quality information where these are most at risk. Prior to joining Internews, she spent ten years with the BBC’s interna.onal development charity where she designed, developed and implemented programmes to support local and na.onal public service media across Africa and South East Asia and worked to ensure that decision-makers priori.sed media freedom. This followed a stint running a prison radio sta.on in Wandsworth, South West London. She is also an alumna of the MA in Communica.on for Development.

Martin Scott

He is Associate Professor in Media and InternaHonal Development at the School of Global Development (DEV), University of East Anglia, UK. He has researched, published, taught and communicated extensively on issues ofInterna.onal journalism, media freedom, humanitarian communication, media influence on aid and foundation-funded journalism. His most recent books, co-authored with Mel Bunce and Kate Wright, Humanitarian Journalists: Covering Crises from a Boundary Zone (Routledge 2023) and Capturing News, Capturing Democracy: Trump and the Voice of America (OUP 2024) provide insights into his research that spans more than a decade.

Practical information

Moderator: Tobias Denskus, Associate Professor Development Studies, Malmö University.

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