11 August 2023

Unique opportunity for MA-student: Internship at the United Nations Library & Archives Geneva

We are looking for an MA student in history at the Saxo Institute to apply for internships at the UN Library & Archives Geneva in partnership with the Centre for Modern European Studies (CEMES), Saxo Institute. This is a unique opportunity to work in a global international organization, with physical and digital archives and public historical dissemination.

About the collaboration

The Saxo Institute and CEMES collaborate with UN Library & Archives Geneva, which has recently digitized the entirety of 15.000.000 pages of the League of Nations Archives and which is currently digitizing large quantities of its UN holdings. From this partnership has come, among other things, the digital research tool Visualizing the League. Continued collaboration will focus on public dissemination, digital archives and new research projects. 

About the internship

The assignments of intern(s) are three-fold:

  1. Prepare and create metadata on digital archival material for the UN Library & The work requires the ability to manage large quantities of digitized archival material, proficiency in English (reading and writing), some knowledge of French is an asset, ability to do light digital work and organizational skills.
  2. Public dissemination and online presence of the UN Library & Previously this has included the possibility to conduct a small research project ending with an online publication. The work requires proficiency in English (reading and writing), knowledge of French is an asset, and strong organizational and communicative skills.
  3. Development and maintenance of Research Guides and ongoing projects with university partners. This work requires strong communicative skills, an eye for pedagogical and clear prose, and editorial skills.

N.B. Internships at the United Nations are unpaid. The United Nations Office in Geneva is unable to provide support for accommodation and transport.

About the application

Interested students should:

  • Contact Haakon A. Ikonomou by 20 September 2023. Please give a brief description of yourself and why the internship is of interest to you.
  • After an initial selection, one candidate will be asked to apply via the UN Geneva website. The application should be sent by October 2023.

Please, note that the Terms of Reference in the Job Opening are drafted to fit all internships. Accordingly, not all of the information is directly relevant.

  • After a screening process, interviews will be conducted in the winter of 2023, after which the candidates for the internship will be selected. 

Applicant should be a master's student in history, looking for an extended academic internship (30 ECTS - HHIK13011E, Fagstudieordning, Kandidattilvalg i historie, p. 9)

Useful links

Centre for Modern European Studies, Europe and International Cooperation Research Group. Visualizing the League of Nations Secretariat – A Digital Research Tool.

The UN Archives Geneva

General information on UN internships

For further questions, please do not hesitate to write to Haakon A. Ikonomou