Confirmed Speakers:


  • Professor Martin Geyer (University of Münich): 'Insecurity and crisis in late twentieth century Europe'
  • Senior Lecturer Sarah Waters (University of Leeds): 'Worker suicides as a manifestaion of a crisis in neoliberalism’


  • Assistant professor Niklas Olsen (Saxo): 'The embrace of the neoliberal figure of the consumer on the Western European Left Wing'


  • Associate Professor Jeppe Nevers (SDU): 'The political concept of democracy in the 1970s'
  • Wim de Jong (Radboud University): 'Democratic Citizenship in the 1970s and 1980s'

Time: 9 am – 4 pm both days.

Maximum Participants: 12.

ECTS: 1,5 and 3 with paper presentation.

Organizers: The event is organized by three Ph.D. Students: Jesper Vestermark Køber (SAXO), Jakob Skovgaard (ENGEROM) and Nils Voisin Schultz (ENGEROM).

Registration Deadline and Papers: Applicants must register no later than 5 October 2015 via the link in the box on the right. Notification of acceptance will be announced shortly after the deadline. The final papers (Max 4000 words) have to be handed in by 5 November 2015 to