Neue Sachlichkeit

Neue Sachlichkeit, Poitical Music, or Vernacular Avant-Garde? 17-19 september - Læs mere

International conference organized by the International Hanns Eisler Gesellschaft, Berlin, the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen and The Royal Library, Copenhagen.

The purpose of the conference is to address the basic question of how modern art can achieve an impact on social reality and to discuss whether concepts and terms used are adequate. The focus of the discussion will be to reconsider those trends since the 1920s which were labelled Neue Sachlichkeit, Gebrauchsmusik or applied art in most of Europe and kulturradikalisme in the Nordic countries.

The conference takes place at the Royal Danish Library from Thursday the 17th, to Saturday the 19th of September. For more information and registration,  visit

In connection with the conference, there will be held two concerts:

Thursday, 17th September 2015, 20:00 (pre-concert talk 19:15)
Back at the crime scene
Experience t he rich musical heritage from the 1930s political circles at Riddersalen. The FIGURA Ensemble with stunning Helene Gjerris will present political and cabaret songs by Eisler and friends.
Venue : Riddersalen
Tickets can be bought here:  

Friday 18th September, 20:00 (pre-concert talk in Danish (19:00)
Music and cultural radicalism
Concert with iconic works of Neue Sachlichkeit from the 1930s: Brecht’s Rundköpfe und Spitzköpfe (1936) with Eisler’s music in original scoring, and Bernhard Christe
nsen’s music for Poul Henningsen’s documentary Denmark (1935)
Venue: Dronningsalen, The Royal Library 

Tickets can be bought here:  

The Conference is supported by :


Hanns und Steffy Eisler Stiftung, Berlin

CEMES (Centre for Modern European Studies, University of Copenhagen)