European Culture and the Media

This research group explores the cultural and social contours of contemporary Europe, its origin and current transformation. Among the issues of focus is the categorization, from a historical and comparative perspective, of factors driving social and cultural transformation in terms of Europeanisation and/or globalisation and how these processes have shaped cultural representations and social identification of the Europeans. Another issue is, from a comparative perspective of contemporary European societies, to describe accelerated social and cultural change with regard to increased ethnic, religious and cultural diversity, cross-border interactions, multi-lingualism, mobility and globalised media technology and consumption.

The thematic focus will be on cultural expressions and exchanges among the Europeans, processes of media production, diffusion and reception in a European-transnational context and the impact of media policies and regulations. A thematic focus can be, for instance the arts and European cinema, but also everyday cultural encounters and forms of exchange like leisure, tourism, football, popular music or television. A last issue is to identify opportunities for social re-organisation, new forms of media policies and regulation, including the question how these new cultural and media practices shape attitudes and identities of the Europeans.









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Nanna Bonde Thylstrup, IKK

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anita Pluwak Teaching Associate Professor +4551300810 E-mail
Bjarki Valtýsson Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535328237 E-mail
Detlef Siegfried Professor +4535328433 E-mail
Mikhail Suslov Associate Professor   E-mail
Petar Mitric Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535322489 E-mail
Stig Hjarvard Professor +4535328113 E-mail

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