Queering affective communities

The seminar Queering affective communities investigates community, emotion and desire in different settings.

Meet four junior scholars and their ongoing research on: The barriers and challenges queer people face on their way to parenthood; The rhetorical Manifestations of anger in protest rhetoric and social movements; French jihadists' experiences of romantic relationships in their journey towards joining a violent social movement, and; Ideas about nature, climate and environment in far-right manifestos.

The scholars come from different areas within the social sciences and the humanities but have an interest in the field of queer theory and research in common.

The research presentations are the following:

  • Queer family formation. Tobias Sønderby Jørgensen (PhD student, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen) 
  • The queer agency of ’angry activism’. Frida Hviid Broberg (PhD student, Department of Communication, University of Copenhagen)
  • Queer terrorism studies, Aube Tollu (PhD student, Department of Sociology, Lund University)
  • Queering nature: a response to current ecofascism. Daniel Nikolaj Madsen (PhD student, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen) 

The seminar is open to all.

The presentations will be held in English, but it will be possible to ask questions in Danish.