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06 March 2017

Restructuring of CEMES activities - Call for proposals

CEMES will hereby like to announce a restructuring of its activities for its coming three years. In an effort to focus the research activities of CEMES in order to create a more cohesive research and to attract external funding, we have decided to set up four broad research groups.

We would like you – all researchers in European Studies at the two faculties – to help us define what the research groups should focus on.
We would thus like to receive proposals (including a short text on the topic of the group, the names of the two research leaders including a brief cv, the names of up to 15 researchers at KU and beyond that could join the network.)

The topic of a research group should deal with modern Europe as defined on the CEMES homepage (here: ) and be based on an explicitly interdisciplinary approach.

Each group should have two research leaders and coordinate a number of important research activities in the group. These should include running a research network with a 3-4 annual work in progress research seminars, host couple of research conference and/or author meets critics (See for example: and develop in cooperation with the network new applications for external funding.
The funding of the research group activities will be covered by CEMES on an annual basis.  
Deadline for submission is on 24th March 2017.

Please send your proposal to center coordinator, Lene Raben-Levetzau