Europe as a Global Process

With Europe as a Global Process we created an interdisciplinary research hub for the study of how ‘Europe/Europeanness’ emerged and reemerges out of the establishment, renegotiation and reproduction of geographical, political, social and cultural borders between ‘Europe’ and its outside. 

Mappa mundi; map by Cantabrian cartographer and sailor Juan de la Cosa, 1500. De la Cosa was among the crew on Columbus’ first voyage to the Indies. The map is the first to include an undisputed representation of the Americas.

In this process the so-called ‘non-European world’ correspondingly emerged and reemerges as Europe’s global counterpart, in the period ranging from the first seaborne Iberian exploration and colonization of the Atlantic islands to the most recent debates over the role of Europe in addressing the climate crisis. Europe as a Global Process will form an important contribution to CEMES’ existing research groups by addressing the third point in CEMES’ Research Strategy: Europe in a global perspective.






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