Mechthild Fend on “Fleshing out surfaces”

Reading group with Edward Payne, Associate professor of early modern art history at Aarhus University.

In this session, we will read together the introduction to Mechthild Fend's 2016 book Fleshing out surfaces. Skin in French art and medicine (1650-1850). Edward Payne, Associate Professor of Early Modern Art History, will briefly introduce the text and explain why he chose this particular chapter for discussion. This event is part of our research group’s Special Research Area (SRA) on the modern European history of human skin.

Edward Payne is associate professor of early modern art history at Aarhus University. His research explores various themes including violence and suffering, bodily and pictorial surfaces, word-image problems, and artistic geographies. A specialist of the Mediterranean Baroque, he is currently embarking on a new research project on the early modern anatomical theatre with Karen-Margrethe Simonsen (Comparative Literature, Aarhus University) and Anne Sophie Refskou.

Contact: Irina Hron.